Tree Nuts

One of the 14 classified allergen by the EU. they differ from one type of tree nut to another, hence why a Sufferer may have an almond allergy but not a hazel nut allergy. Typical foods include, Baked goods such as cakes, desserts, pesto, marzipan, takeaways, salad dressings, salads, curry pastes, chocolate, chocolate spread. Globally, 2% of all children have a tree nut allergy. Allergic reactions can be severe and include death in some cases. Includes Almond, Hazelnut, Walnut, Cashew, Pecan nut, Brazil nut, Pistachio nut, Macadamia nut, Acorns, Beechnuts, Betal Nuts, Breadnuts/ Breadfruits, Chilean wild nuts, Chinquapins (Baby Chestnuts), Cola nuts, Filberts (Hazelnuts), Ginkgo, Heart, Jack, Jojoba, Litchi, Oyster nuts, Paradise, Pecans, Persian Walnuts, Pilli, Quandong, Squari, Tahiti, Tallow, Tiger, Tropical, Cold press nut oils, Hickory Nut.

For more allergen control information, see Management of Allergens How-To.

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