Breakage Procedure

A glass breakage procedure typically consists of the following:

  • Production is stopped, affected stock is quarantined and most likely disposed of.
  • Nearby production areas are stopped and product assessed.
  • All people in the area sent away from production area
  • The area affected is cordoned off as is a a safe distance from the breakage in the event of shards.
  • A clean up crew must come in using vacuums or brush and shovels
  • All people affected must completely remove and change PPE and inspect soles of footwear
  • The clean up crew must remove PPE after finishing.
  • Production can only commence once management has inspected and verified it is safe to do so. Includes inspection of people and PPE for glass fragments.
  • All of this must be documented on a glass breakage record, signed by person responsible and verified by Management or the QA team.

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